An 8 week group coaching program to help you



Your income is limited by your impact - 
and your impact is limited by your ability to deal with people, motivate their behavior, and influence their decisions. 
But traditional leadership training doesn’t work for logical-minded people.

Engineers need to understand how something works before applying it in the real world.

Which is why this program translates timeless leadership principles into a science-based framework -
coupled with powerful techniques and strategies to
massively simplify the complexities behind understanding, leading, and influencing people.

created specifically 
for engineers and 
technical-minded people
for you to apply everything 
you learn right away
so you can create significant impact throughout your organization


"Working with Doug was easy because he genuinely cares about the people he is working with. 

His style of coaching builds trust quickly and that is crucial to making progress in soft skill development. He has a way of filling you with confidence and building you up to make the leap.

With Doug’s coaching my career was put on an accelerated path. The lessons in leadership and relationship building were invaluable, and undoubtedly lead me to where I am today. I apply skills in listening, relating, and influence every day, both personally and professionally. 

It has enhanced my relationships and increased my value in every situation. Thanks to Doug’s guidance, I have enjoyed less stress and higher effectiveness in communication, leading to great fulfillment."

- James E, VP of Engineering

"Working with Doug helped me become an effective team leader and develop the skills necessary for management. He gave me assignments to target different aspects of relationship building and I still draw on those lessons today. 

Without Doug’s coaching I would not have challenged myself nearly enough to be in the position I am today and I am grateful for the time that he spent making me better.

One lesson that stuck with me the most was related to influence, and speaking in terms of the other person’s interests. This lesson has led to more engaging conversations and better outcomes when I have a preference in the decision being made."

- Chris T, Engineering Manager

The Leadership Accelerator for Engineers is an 8-week group coaching program for ambitions engineers who are ready to:

Stop working IN the details, and start working ON growing your team - finally operating as the visionary leader, while delegating the technical expertise to your team
Be recognized as a leading authority in your company - creating a reputation that expands your impact, and gets you invited to contribute at a higher strategic level
Become the manager people want to work for - building a team culture where everyone is fully engaged, working to their strengths, and striving to reach their full potential
Leverage people skills to create efficiencies and increase productivity - fully prepared to deal with all types of people “on the fly”, and drive their decisions to work in your favor

If that sounds like you…

There’s a spot waiting for you inside 
Leadership Accelerator for Engineers!

Are you ready to build universal skills that DRIVE your personal growth, ACCELERATE your career advancement, and IMPACT every area of your life?


"I’m very thankful I discovered this program, because it’s already become a foundational part of the next chapter in my career - and my life!

Before taking this program, I could only see things as black & white and I never knew how to deal with people. I was always over analyzing and overthinking every little decision, like what to say, or how to say it. And I never realized how much this was slowing me down each day.

This program offers a way to analyze the entropy of people and discussions, because now I’m able to see the “gray areas” - and I’ve gained a much better understanding of the complexities of people and perspectives. I left each session feeling like I had just dusted off an arsenal of tools that I never knew I had!

The biggest transformation for me was developing my social intuition. Now I feel prepared to recognize opportunities to leverage my soft skills in influencing any situation to my advantage!"

- Alex C, Design Supervisor 

"What’s most special about this program is gaining a heightened sense of AWARENESS - being aware of what’s going on all around you, as well as your own self-awareness. You gain a new level of self-control, when it comes to controlling how you react to other people. It almost feels like you’re gaining superpowers!

One of the bigger realizations is that EMPATHY is a skill that a lot of people don’t learn, practice, or sharpen. But now that I understand how to see any situation from the other person’s perspective, I know exactly what to say and how to say it - in terms of influencing the person or situation to my advantage.

This program changed my perspective on everything related to dealing with people!"

- Mike E, Structural Engineer

Let’s be real about what it’s like to be an engineering manager…

When you were a top performing engineer, moving into leadership seemed like the next natural progression in your career.

But now you’re realizing this was a career shift - versus a promotion - because leading people requires a whole new set of skills that you were never taught.

You want to learn these skills, but every leadership book and course you find is filled with a whole lot of fluff with no real way to apply it in the real world.

You realize your impact is being limited by your ability to deal with people, but you’re struggling to figure it out on your own.
You feel isolated without any peer support, because your team, your boss, and the other managers don’t understand the challenges you’re facing.

Up until now, you’ve been putting in extra hours to support your team, meet your boss’s expectations, and keep everything moving - but you know it’s not sustainable.

You’re time is completely maxed out, and it’s preventing you from contributing at a higher level.

You have big ideas that will drive your team and the business forward, but you can never seem to gain any traction.

You’re constantly putting out fires, buried in meetings, and getting pulled into the details by your team.

And sometimes you start to question if leadership is still the right fit for you?

It’s time to build a leadership style that works for you

You’re driven by efficiency and optimization, 
but you know that’s not enough when it 
comes to managing people.

What you really need is:
  • A SYSTEM FOR UNDERSTANDING AND PREDICTING HUMAN BEHAVIOR, so that you can remove the guesswork, meet people where they’re at, and speak their language
  • AN ADAPTABLE LOGIC-BASED FRAMEWORK that applies to all types of people, so that you have the confidence to influence upward, downward, and cross-functionally
  • A COMMUNITY OF PEERS who face the same challenges as you, so that you have a safe environment to collaborate, experiment, and accelerate your professional growth
  • ​AN ACTIONABLE PLAN to continue building, applying, and advancing your leadership skills, so that you can actually see the benefits in every area of your life

If you are ready to invest in REAL LEADERSHIP strategies and INTANGIBLE people SKILLS from someone who specializes in helping engineers transform into CONFIDENT LEADERS who INCREASE 
THEIR IMPACT at every level of the organization…


The Leadership Accelerator for Engineers removes the complexity of understanding people, with simple systems and strategies for influencing, motivating, and inspiring anyone:

In 8 weeks, you will:

Week 1
Discover Your Authentic Leadership Style

Develop heightened levels of self-awareness, self-control, and purpose - so that you can build a leadership style that’s aligned with your natural personality, strengths, preferences, and core values.

Week 2 
Prime People for Influence

Gain a deeper understanding of human psychology, behavior, attraction, and motivation - along with advanced techniques - so that you can quickly get people to open up and WANT to listen to you.

Week 3
Create Connections to 
Enhance Your Relationships

Strengthen your ability to empathize, establish trust, and build rapport with anyone, so that you can understand their perspective, meet them where they’re at, and find common ground to build onto.

Week 4
Remove Your 
Influence Barriers

Disarm other people’s emotions, perceptions, and biases, so that you can navigate conversations, handle difficult people, and utilize conflict as a constructive tool for growth. 

Week 5
Transform into a 360 Degree Communicator

Streamline your influence by adapting your communication style, body language, and messaging to resonate with the other person - so that you can capture their attention, speak to their interests, and inspire action.

Week 6 
Expand Your Radius of Influence

Master human psychology techniques that empower you to effortlessly influence people’s attitudes, decisions, and actions to work in your favor - so that you can inspire their way of thinking and motivate their behavior.

Week 7
Apply Your Leadership Skills in the Real World

This intensive workshop shows you how to combine, adapt, and apply all of your newly acquired knowledge, strategies, and techniques in real scenarios, so that you’re prepared to leverage these superpowers to your advantage in every area of your life - personally and professionally!

Week 8
Accelerate Your Momentum Indefinitely

Build an implementation strategy that creates a contagious leadership culture throughout your team - where everyone is fully engaged, striving for growth, and reaching their full potential - so that you can continue building momentum long after completing this program!


  • Implementation-driven coaching with action steps for you to apply everything you learn right away
  • Scientific methods and strategies created specifically for engineers and technical-minded people
  • Hands-on support including 2 1:1’s with Doug + chat access between sessions to make sure you’re achieving the results you want
  • Peer community for you to collaborate with like-minded leaders who “get it” and who will push you to grow


"Doug brings out the best in every person he meets! He has a way of drawing you and your ideas out. 

The biggest impact this program had on me was in relation to handling difficult decisions, difficult conversations, and difficult people - which helped me achieve better leadership skills as a manager.

Lessons I have learned from Doug are not to be afraid of bringing your ideas to the table. I have learned to take on challenges and to ask for help when you need it.

If you are going to work with Doug, you are a very lucky person. Doug is a loyal and extraordinary person who truly has your best interest at heart - and he will make sure you achieve your best.

He treats everyone with respect, and he treats you as an equal, which are very important traits in a leader. I would work with Doug again in a heartbeat!"

- Theresa W, Engineering Manager

"Working with Doug has empowered me to grow both personally and professionally - and everything I learned is used on a day-to-day basis!

This program helped me develop all the skills I needed to build my foundation as a professional, but it has also helped me become a better person, tool. I know how to communicate effectively, work with teams, influence others, build relationships, practice good time-management, resolve conflicts, practice analytical and critical thinking, and develop realistic goals and strategies that drive my career forward.

If you are considering this program, be prepared to have a life changing experience that will elevate every area of your life. Take it all in and push yourself to reach whatever goal you are trying to accomplish - because his teachings will help you achieve it." 

- Jwayne G, Architect

The Leadership Accelerator for Engineers
meets you exactly where you are...

With science-based strategies and techniques to understand all types of people, influence their way of thinking, and motivate their behavior - which empowers you to create more impact from your time and effort.

Picture this:

You finally have the time to focus on growing your people, now that you’re delegating the details and shifting your focus towards the areas you enjoy the most.
Your team is engaged and happy - working to their strengths, striving to reach their full potential, and fully embracing your new team culture. 
You’re increasing your impact and contributing at a higher level after building your reputation as a top leader throughout your organization - which opens new opportunities for you.

With the Leadership Accelerator for Engineers, 
it’s all possible - in 8 weeks!


"If I can describe my experience in one word, it would be enlightening!

My biggest realizations were that it’s all about the people - and that people skills are a requirement that we all have the capacity to learn and use. I also realized that while a personal and professional setting has boundaries in terms of how you interact with others, the commonality between the two is yourself. 

Now I’m able to take a step back from thinking about what this person can do for me, and instead ask myself - 'What can I learn from this person?'.

I also gained a new level of self-awareness! Before, I was always complicating things in a very logical way. But as weird as it sounds, making room for the illogical things helps you learn how uncomplicated things really could be, which helped me move past my mental blocks!"

- Jose D, Software Engineer

"After working with Doug, I was able to create inroads with my peers to learn and contribute to software projects I had previously not had success in creating. 

The most valuable lesson I learned from working with Doug was to change my attitude away from binary outcome based assessment of decisions and career choices. 

The effort you put into improving your career is the effort you get out. Doug goes above and beyond and holds you accountable with actionable exercises and reasonable goals and milestones." 

- Tim P, Software Engineering Supervisor

Engineering leaders, 
it’s time to say goodbye 
to 80 hour workweeks and 
enjoy your job again

Will you have to take consistent action throughout this program? Yes.

Will you have to dedicate time to implementing and executing what you learn? Of course.

Will you have to go outside of your comfort zone, build new habits, and completely change the way you deal with all people? Absolutely!

But if you want life-changing personal growth that will
increase your value in any situation -
the Leadership Accelerator for Engineers is for you!


"Doug is a great coach, and he molds his approach to these topics to fit your personality and learning style. Doug is especially skilled in working with people from technical backgrounds by providing a structure for learning and practicing techniques.

I would recommend working with Doug to anyone interested in improving leadership, communication, influence, and soft skills! "

- Adam G, Project Manager

"I couldn’t have had a better experience and I wouldn’t trade it for any other teachings, because I was able to see a true change and real-life results!

Be brave and try these strategies, because you'll discover things about yourself that you never knew were in you. And these teachings will last a lifetime, as they will be embedded in your everyday work life habits - as well as your personal life. "

- Andrew W, CAD Manager

What's included in the Leadership Accelerator for Engineers

  • ​8 Live Group Coaching Sessions (2 hours per) with training exercises, hot seat coaching, open discussions, real time feedback, Q & A, implementation plans + more!
  • Weekly Training Videos with all the background knowledge and information you need before each session
  • Personalized Onboarding Session - 1:1 with Doug to review your Customized Leadership Profile, clarify your goals, and identify your biggest growth opportunities
  • ​​Unleash Your Memory Super Powers - boost your brain power, listening skills, creativity, and EQ with this virtual memory training program
  • ​​Zoom recordings from each live session to watch the replays at your convenience
  • ​​Continuous support, collaboration, and feedback from Doug and your peers via Slack channel.
  • ​​Access to a community of like-minded engineering leaders seeking the same goals and areas of growth as you
  • ​​Implementation Check-In Session - 1:1 with Doug after the program is finished, to make sure you achieved the results you wanted

Payment Options

Option 1 - Payment Plan

A month payment plan with 2 monthly payment plans of $2750  

Option 2 - Pay In Full

Pay in full with a one-time payment of $5,000, saving $500

PLUS when you join TODAY - 
you can take advantage of these BONUSES

"Optimize Your ROI Workshop"

After you’ve completed the leadership accelerator for engineers, you will get special access to a private workshop specifically focused on strategies for optimizing your return on investment for the Leadership Accelerator for Engineers. 

You'll learn how to use these techniques to negotiate a promotion and/or salary increase to literally make this investment in yourself and your future, FREE!

Pay In Full Bonus
Don't miss out on this discount!

The payment in full rate is $5,000, saving you $500 or a 10% discount.

Why Doug?

My mission: empowering engineering leaders to increase their impact by combining IQ + EQ

Leadership Accelerator for Engineers is unlike any other leadership training program, because it’s developed BY an engineering manager - and it’s designed specifically FOR engineers!

This program speaks your language - by simplifying the complexities of “people dynamics” and breaking it down into a systematic and scientific approach to understanding, motivating, and influencing all types of people.
Hi, I'm Doug Howard - a licensed engineer, whose true passion is people.

As an engineering manager, I transformed a start-up team of 5 into a global leading 40 person department - but growing at this scale required a holistic approach to leadership. Instead of measuring production KPI’s or tech skills - I focused on helping each person become a better leader. This is the key ingredient to exponential growth, and after seeing the impact it had on each person - I was inspired to take it further!

I developed Leadership Accelerator for Engineers because of how difficult it was for me to learn these skills on my own. I didn’t have any positive role model leaders to learn from, and most leadership courses and books didn’t resonate with my way of thinking. After ditching the traditional methods, I developed my own framework around understanding human behavior and psychology - which allows you to build your leadership style around your natural personality, strengths, and core values.
Q: I’m not a manager, how do I know if this program is right for me?
If you’re an engineer or technical-minded person who wants to learn how to leverage influence, communication, and people skills to your advantage in any situation - this program is perfect for you!

You’ll learn how to use these skills for leading teams, building meaningful relationships, motivating people’s behavior and actions, influencing people without authority, and navigating tough conversations with difficult people…

These are universal skills that increase your value and make a huge impact in every area of your life - regardless of whether you’re a manager.
Q: Why do I have to apply, and what’s the application process?
I’m committed to making sure you, and every person who enrolls, achieves maximum results from this program!

This is why I send the time up front to meet with you - getting me up to speed on where you are currently at, and what areas you’re struggling with - so that we can make sure that the Leadership Accelerator for Engineers is the right fit for helping you get to where you want to be.
Q: How much live support do I get from Doug?
You begin with a 30 minute 1:1 Onboarding Session with Doug.

We keep the live session group sizes small enough to ensure that you get proper 1 on 1 attention - and you also get access to Doug and the community for questions and support (outside of live sessions) via Slack channel.
After finishing the program, you’ll have a 30 minute 1:1 Implementation Check-In to make sure you’re receiving the results and impact you wanted!
Q: What type of return on investment can I expect from the Leadership Accelerator for Engineers? 
A: The skills you’ll learn in Leadership Accelerator for Engineers are skills that impact every area of your life. Whether you want to negotiate a raise, ask for a bonus, build a reputation that gets you promoted - you need to win the decision maker to your way of thinking in each of these situations, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this program. Additionally as a bonus for joining this program, you’re invited to the “Optimize Your ROI Workshop”, a private workshop specifically focused on strategies for optimizing your return on investment and literally teaching you how to use these techniques to negotiate a promotion and/or salary increase - so this bonus alone can deliver a 100% ROI. 

In addition to a fiscal ROI, you can use these techniques to get a return on intangible areas of your life as well. Instead of being limited by the number of hours you’ve put in - you’ll gain control of your time by using influence and communication to drive performance improvement and increase productivity. You’ll learn how to quickly build relationships with anyone so you can establish trust, gain approval, and leverage credibility to quickly get what you want. You’ll also learn how to apply these skills to upgrade every area of your life - from asking for a vacation room upgrade to negotiating the best price on buying a new car, these are skills that you can use every single day to optimize your life. 
Q: What is the time requirement each week?
There’s 8 live group sessions (2 hours) - along with a series of offline training videos (approx 30-45 mins per week)
Q: How much live support do I get from Doug?
You’ll begin with a 1:1 Onboarding Session with Doug (30 min). We keep the live session group sizes small enough to ensure that you get proper 1 on 1 attention - and you also get access to Doug and the community for questions and support (outside of live sessions) via Slack channel. After finishing the program, you’ll have a 1:1 Implementation Check-In (30 min) to make sure you’re receiving the results and impact you wanted!
Q: Are there any FREE bonuses included in this program?
Yes! Upon signing up, you are invited to a private workshop specifically focused on strategies for optimizing your return on investment for the Leadership Accelerator for Engineers. 

You'll learn how to use these techniques to negotiate a promotion and/or salary increase to literally make this investment in yourself and your future, FREE!
Q: Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, you have the option to make 2 equal payments - or pay in full to receive a 10% discount.
Q: Are there any discounts for a payment in full?
A: Yes! There is a BONUS for payment in full. The payment in full rate is $5,000, saving you $500 or a 10% discount.
Q: I have a question about the program, who can I contact?
A: You can CLICK HERE to schedule a no-obligation, 30 min consultation with Doug.

Are you ready to increase your impact?
Join the Leadership Accelerator for Engineers 
before enrollment closes
“The things you taught me about my personality, and how to understand people, changed my life - 
I will owe you forever!” 

- Ahmed G, Engineering Manager
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